[Art Talk] Tatsuo Kawaguchi : Time Compass

  • 対談:市川政憲 x 河口龍夫

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[Art Talk] Tatsuo Kawaguchi : Time Compass


Prior to its summer session of the exhibit "Tatsuo Kawaguchi : Time Compass", a preview reception was held at Echigo-Tsumari Kiyotsu Soko museum, with attendance by Mayer or Tokamachi City, curators of museums, press people and others. The talk session was developed between Kawaguchi and Masanori Ichikawa, art critic, to explore the recurrent themes of time and relation. These two themes have strongly engaged the thinking and hand of Kawaguchi throughout his career. It was significant that a part of Kawaguchi's work was deciphered and shared with audience in front of installation of Soko museum.

We would like to introduce the catalogue of the exhibition newly published on this special occasion.
The book is forwarded by Cai Guo-Qiang as goes "Talk Talk my Teacher Mr. Tatsuo Kawaguchi and I" since Cai was a student to Kawaguchi at University of Tsukuba. Itinerary of travelling through Kawaguchi works exhibited in the museum rooms and gymnasium show the development of early works from sixties to present, including such pivotal works as those made of iron, copper changing its appearance with time process.

■Catalogue "Tatsuo Kawaguchi : Time Compass"
Edited by Art Front Gallery
publishing year: July 2019
language: JPN / ENG
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Tatsuo Kawaguchi : Time Compass

August 10(Sat.)- 18(Sun.)

October 12 (Sat), 13 (Sun), 14 (Mon), 19 (Sat), 20 (Sun), 26 (Sat), 27 (Sun), November 2 (Sat), 3 (Sun), 4(Mon)

《ちのこうや》 2018 / 800冊の本、種子(蓮)、蜜蝋、銅線、銅パイプ、白紙 / 黒部市美術館 / 撮影:池田 ひらく

(左)河口龍夫、(右)市川政憲 / 撮影:中村脩


《DARK BOX》 2018 / 鉄、闇 / 37x56x35cm / 清津倉庫美術館「河口龍夫-時の羅針盤」展 展示風景

《関係-地上の星座・北斗七星》 2008 / 水、黄色いボウル、銅の皿、鉛で封印した蓮の種子、錘、水糸、蜜蝋 / 清津倉庫美術館「河口龍夫-時の羅針盤」展 展示風景

引き出しアート《Taのへその緒の痕跡》2012 / まつだい「農舞台」

《関係 - 黒板の教室(教育空間)》2003 / まつだい「農舞台」


《関係—大地・北斗七星》 2000 / 松代エリア、越後妻有「大地の芸術祭」の里